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A RANGE OF COLOURS. It is widely demonstrated that cars and trucks effectively spread the name of a company, once they have been "personalised" with images and high quality colours. mg has applied this technique also to decorate ships , reproducing drawings and graphic writing to perfection and thus transforming the "broadsides" into a "message" which catches the attention. To do the tracing takes an extremely short time, to draw on a ship along her 200 metre long side only takes slightly more than eight hours.

mg made decorations for the hull and sails of the Mascalzone Latino TIM which took part in the 2003 American World Cup. It also contributed to the completion of the base at Auckland, by decorating the outdoor and indoor spaces in the colours of its team and sponsors.

Thanks to its very state-of-the-art printing plant, to its sophisticated digital technology and the competence of its staff, mg is today able to compete on the market as an efficient service provider who is able to meet the demand for four-colour processed signs and graphics to be used on board ships and made in the best materials and in the most varied formats.

The IMO luminescent signs are produced both on a rigid and on an pressure sensitive base. The signs are protected by a PVC film which incorporates the photoluminescent pigments and absorbs ultraviolet rays. Our signs are approved in accordance with the RINA specifications.

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