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enlargements and decals

mg decorates the sides of ships which sail all over the world, changing their sides into a "message" that very effectively catches the attention.
mg plans and makes indoor and outdoor signs in any kind of material.

To personalise its hull and sails, Mascalzone Latino used the vinyl films specifically produced by mg for the 2003 American World Cup.

mg, a leading company in the printing industry, caters for film producers' special needs, thus enabling them to achieve the required effects. One of our last creations made it possible to reproduce Jesus Christ's wounds in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ".

Water decal is a high precision print, widely used in the model making industry, to personalise motorbike frames, or fishing rods, and for the launching of prototypes of objects like mobile telephones, keyboards, calculators, etc. mg is registered in this field with the SARADECALS trademark.

A modern printing plant enables mg to reproduce, even in one single copy, large format prints on any kind of base , adhesive, PVC, aluminium, cloth, plexiglass, etc.

For over twenty years mg has decorated racing cars. Today mg reproduces graphics and liveries using vinyl films on vintage cars for car collectors and lovers.